Meet Our Team

Done By 5 is a team of virtual assistants based out of California's Bay Area. 

We are committed to providing the very best service to you as your virtual assistant and it is our number one goal to treat your business like our own. You can count on us to provide excellent customer service to you and your clients or customers.

Done By 5. DB5. Michelle Berkley Virtual Assistants San Francisco Bay Area. Small Business Assistant

Michelle Berkley (Founder + CEO) 

Michelle Berkley is a California native, creative perfectionist, and adventurer. Combining her past experience in customer service with her work as a nanny and with quadriplegics, Michelle found and built her niche set of skills - working personally with people to help their lives and businesses run smoothly.  She takes an organized approach to getting tasks done efficiently and effectively in the time and budget available to small business owners without sacrificing quality.  As someone who is adaptable and up for the challenge, Michelle loves the variety in her line of work, “it’s like a new job every day. I love it!”

Done By 5. DB5. Molly Levy Virtual Assistants San Francisco Bay Area. Small Business Assistant

Molly Levy (VIrtual Assistant)

Molly Levy grew up in Berkeley, Ca, where she saw first hand how a successful small business grows and thrives through her mother’s physical therapy private practice. Molly began administrative and assistant work with Michelle after graduating from high school and since then has continued working virtually while dancing professionally in New York and the Pacific Northwest where she currently live. As a freelance artist Molly has learned all about branding and marketing a life’s work and she cares deeply about helping others create and hone an aesthetic that best represents their work in every situation.


Samantha Okazaki (Virtual Assistant)

Samantha Okazaki was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She spent thirteen years as a pharmacy technician, a majority of that time working in U.S. Navy and U.S. Army medicine as a civilian . Working in pharmacy has given her an eye for detail, exceptional organization skills, and the ability to be quick on her toes. Samantha has earned her Bachelor’s in Biology from San Diego State University and has recently gone back to school, earning associate's degrees in Humanities and Art History. Though these things don’t seem to go hand-and-hand, for her, it is the beauty of creation from the basic biological systems all way to a masterpiece. She wants to know how it all happens. Being a virtual assistant brings her skills and knowledge into a creative outlet for her and the small businesses Done By 5 represents.


Kenyetta Brown (Virtual Assistant)

Kenyetta Brown grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana yet currently resides in Stafford, Virginia. She’s spent the majority of her admin career in State and Federal law enforcement sector before venturing into Virtual Assistance. Not only does Kenyetta bring her attention to detail and organization skills, but also her passion for creating and improving systems and overall efficiencies of the small businesses she serves. She thrives on getting into the heart of what makes a business tick and ensuring everything she does is in line with its goals.