What Does a Virtual Assistant Really Do? (And Why We Love Our Job)

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In the theme of getting to know our Done By 5 virtual assistants better, we are giving you the inside scoop on the tasks that we do on a daily basis for other small businesses and why we enjoy them.  


"My favorite thing about being a virtual assistant is the diversity of work I get to do. I'm never totally sure what I'm going to get to do when I sit down for work every day. It's fun, it keeps me on my toes, it forces me to be creative, it definitely never gets boring, and I'm always learning something new."

- Michelle

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Brainstorming and researching new ideas and tactics to use in our work for small businesses.

  • “I’m all about high quality work done efficiently so I’m constantly researching new tools or approaches to things that will help the Done By 5 team of virtual assistants and our small business clients achieve and ultimately exceed their goals.”  

  • “It’s cool to see what’s out there too and how other people in the field are approaching similar challenges.”

Find resources for DB5 and our clients.

  • “These days there is so much information out there and so many apps and resources for everything. It’s really inspiring and helpful to see how people have found missing pieces or come up against the same road blocks myself and my clients have and then figured out really creative ways to address them.”

  • “Since we’re in the small business world it’s hugely gratifying to connect our clients with other small businesses or contractors and keep the work local. I know that I can’t do everything but part of my job as a virtual assistant is finding out who can fill in the gaps and then connecting them with my clients.”

Peek at social media

  • “Even though I’m often not focused on posting on social media (I delegate that to my awesome team members), I love peeking in and seeing customers and followers interact with our small business clients, and how the work we do behind the scene plays out in the world.”

  • “I also love scouring the different pages that we follow and getting inspiration from other creative, informative, and funny posts, that people in the same field are thinking up. There are a lot of creative people out there.”

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“What I generally love about my work as a virtual assistant is the creativity that it takes.  When I’m not doing Done By 5 work I’m dancing professionally as a freelancer and honestly DB5 doesn’t feel any less creative - I just get to sit down while I do it. The two jobs are very similar, both work with a variety of different people every week or even daily to help each individual realize a vision, and both take a lot of quick thinking and learning as you go.”

- Molly  


Social media work

  • “One thing I really enjoy is staying connected with followers through social media. It’s a chance to build a community and because I’m doing that for more than one business in very different fields I get to peek my head in all of these different groups of people and see what is similar or different about them.”

  • “I think one of my favorite things about social media is honing in on what makes a small business special and then showing that to the rest of the world - on the other end of that, I love hearing memories from followers, or stories about what makes one of our clients special to them.”

Create graphics

  • “I love being able to visualize and illustrate ideas - sometimes that’s using colors and design to make words or ideas pop or illustrating a concept in an infographic or flow chart for the more analytically minded out there.”

  • “The efficiency nerd in me also loves paring down a concept to fit an small space like an instagram square or read in a glance while keeping the meat of the content there.”

Write and edit content

  • “I love that I have the opportunity and challenge of putting someone’s life work into the cleanest and clearest words. Whether that’s a description for a website or About Me blurb, or a blog post on a more focused topic, being able to help someone say what’s important feels so great when you get it just right.”

  • “Helping other people figure out what they’re really trying to say also helps me put my own ideas into words! I’ve figured out ways of approaching something from different perspectives and can use that in my own creative and promotional writing.”

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