Welcome to the Done By 5 Blog!

Welcome to the Done By 5 Blog! A blog for small business owners and entrepreneurs. This is basically small business 101, giving small business owners tips and advice on small business administrative work, small business marketing, and small business organization. Read our first blog to get to know a bit more what our goals are through our blog for small businesses. Cheers! 

Welcome to the Done By 5 blog.

This is a blog for small business owners and new entrepreneurs.

We know how overwhelming it can be to be responsible for everything that goes into running a business so we’re here to provide tools, advice, and reassurance in all things small business. We’ll offer templates formulated from our own work, tips from our own experience and research, and perspectives from small business owners in diverse fields.

As a small business itself, Done By 5 was created to help small business owners who may not have a full team of employees for administrative work, need specialized consulting or assistance in an area of business management they are unfamiliar with, or are generally overwhelmed by the volume of work to be done in running a small business. This blog follows in the same vein and is aimed to offer tools and advice in all areas of running a business from social media marketing, to delegation and office organization, and everything in between.  

In this blog we’ll share what we’ve learned through our own trial and error in online and social media marketing. We’ll include tips on creating branded and personalized graphics, organizing a calendar, defining and targeting a specific audience and so much more.

We’ll also offer a behind the scenes look into our own daily work as executive administrative assistants and virtual business assistants. One of the things we value most in our work is the trust we build with our small business clients and their work. The commitment of a small business owner to their vision is exceptional and helping each business and its unique needs is infinitely rewarding.

Here at Done By 5 we take that trust seriously and want to use this blog to introduce ourselves to the community of small business owners.  Occasionally we’ll step away from the pro-tips and templates to introduce a member of our team, some fun facts about them, plus how they got started in the field, and their own goals and passions.

You’ll hear directly from our team of business assistants who work closely with small business owners. We’ll be speaking about our own personal experience in behind-the-scenes business work. Some posts will cover more technical topics, others will be design oriented, or people oriented. Our work runs the whole gamut and that will be reflected here on our blog.

We want to cater this blog to what you and your small business needs so we encourage posting questions, comments, and suggestions for topics you would like us to cover. We welcome discussion and with that ask that posts respect and value all people and perspectives and remain relevant to the topics of this blog. Please note here that we reserve the right to remove anything offensive, disrespectful, or irrelevant from the site.

We encourage you to take a peek around the rest of our website to learn about us and all that we do, and please feel free to contact us for more information!

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