Tackling Social Media

Done by 5. DB5. Virtual assistants. San Francisco Bay Area. Blog: "Tackling Social Media." 

Our role at Done By 5 as virtual assistants is to make the lives of small business owners easier. Often what that means is finding ways to create high quality work and doing so in a timely manner.

Social media is one of the biggest challenges for many small businesses and a project that we're often asked to take on and lead as virtual assistants. If you have any hand in a business (big or small) these days, you know how important a social media presence is. You may also know how much time and work goes into creating a brand and original content, let alone factoring in conceptual themes, color schemes, captions and other written content. Building that image plays into the success of your social media campaign and ultimately the reach of your brand. But balancing all of that can feel overwhelming, especially if your focus is on running a  successful business. So...if you have ever found yourself staring blankly at your empty Instagram page or wondering what to schedule next* we made something just for YOU!

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We've put together a week's worth (or maybe even longer) of social media posts tailored to the beauty of the person-to-person interaction that small business allows. The posts balance photos and videos with eye catching graphics that all support your brand while being both down-to-business and fun and personable. It's a formula that you can repeat on rotation or use as inspiration to springboard you to even more creative content.


*Scheduling posts using applications like Hootsuite, Buffer, or just straight through Facebook (Instagram unfortunately does not have a built in scheduler) is the best way to keep up a consistent presence. It lets you create content in blocks and schedule it all out so you can focus on other things throughout the week.



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