Done By 5: An Inside Look- How to Get The Most Out of Houzz

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Done By 5: An Inside Look- How to get the most out of Houzz. Virtual Assistant for small business owners. San Francisco Bay Area.

Done By 5 has been growing a lot this year and as our team and our client base grows so do our skills! Some of our work has been into “uncharted” territory while other work has just been about gaining habits and routines to help balance and manage the busy and ever evolving tasks we are taking on. We’re pretty excited about some of the things we’ve been learning and “mastering” and want to share what each of us has been tackling.

Over the next 3 weeks, each of our team members will be sharing a new skill or habit they have taken on. They will share some of the tips and tricks that they have learned through training, trial and error, or just happy accident. Hopefully this helps you become just as savvy as us!

This week, Molly is sharing some of the things she’s learned about Houzz, “a platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.”

I’ve been working on Houzz accounts for some of our clients and I love the platform it provides for designers, contractors, architects, or anyone in the home renovation industry. On Houzz you are able to show off your project portfolios, network with other designers and specialty suppliers, and communicate directly with prospective clients. It is a very visual platform that allows homeowners to search for design ideas and industry professionals using keywords specifying the style, design aesthetic, materials, and more that they imagine in their home. Because Houzz is so image heavy and relies on search engine optimization (SEO), they have set up their photo search system beautifully.  When you create galleries to showcase your projects, the magic happens in the tagging. Houzz links each individual word associated to a photo are three main ways you can tag your projects to make sure that they are showing up first on as many searches as fit the work.

3 Main Ways to Tag Projects in Houzz

Individual - As you go through an album each photo is full of information. Tagging keywords for everything from the countertop material to appliance brands and overall design style. You’re able to go through and highlight the details of each individual photo so that your work will pop up in even the most specific search query.

Bulk - If tagging each photo thoroughly seems daunting or some of your photos are similar (for example, showing different angles of the same area of a room) Houzz allows you to copy a full description of a photo and paste it to the next. So you can create a bulk base set of keywords and add specific details on top of that, saving time and ensuring details aren’t left out.

Project details - The way each project is set up on Houzz is a brief summary of the project - year, budget, location, and any other information you may want to include - and then an album of images of the work (that’s where the previous tagging comes in). Adding extra details or fun information about a project not only ups the keyword search count, but it’s those extra touches that make you personable and approachable when a potential client is trying to make a choice.

Houzz’s search engines are set up so that any detail of a project can be searched so make sure you’re utilizing that to its highest potential. Prospective clients can find you searching for anything from design style, to countertop finishes, appliance brands, etc. The most effective thing I’ve found is tagging every project and picture you upload extensively, so that you can show off your work to Houzz members who have both detailed knowledge of design terms and as well as those who are just beginning and new to the whole process.  

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What success have you had using Houzz? Do you have any fun or unusually keywords you have used?
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