Done By 5: An Inside Look- Keys to Increasing Pinterest Traffic

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Done By 5: An Inside Look- Keys to Increasing Pinterest Traffic

This week, for our Inside Look series, Samantha is diving into how she tackles Pinterest and uses it as a tool to not only share the Done By 5 content (like this blog) but also direct traffic and potential clients to our website. Here is what she has learned the past 2 months through Pinterest and the utilization of the scheduling platform Tailwind.

4 Keys to Increasing Pinterest Traffic

Gone are the days of traditional marketing - shelling out gobs of money in advertising (though it still exists, you should see how much 1 color newspaper ad is these days). Instead the real investment is time. It is in creating eye catching and inspiring graphics and new content that gets people clicking, it is all in the art of going viral. Though I have yet to create a viral Pin (the DB5 team will, and when we do, we will let you know and how we did it),  

I have increased the visibility of Done By 5. Between April 1st and May 31st our viewer count increased from 806 Pinterest viewers to 25,927 viewers, and we are continuing to climb.

Here is how I have been tackling Pinterest so far...

  1. Create a Social Media Calendar- Brainstorm at least one month’s worth of content in an editorial calendar taking into account business announcements (blogs, sales, etc) and any special holidays or observances you would like to recognize. Then create at least a week at a time of graphics in a platform like Canva.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Tip: Modify Canva templates to create fun, eye catching infographics that are true to your brand and share quick inviting bits of content that get people clicking to your page.

  2. Diverse Pinterest Boards- Create Pinterest boards with topics that are not only specific to your brand and business, but also a diverse range topics you want to share like recipes, party ideas, DIY, fashion tips, home decor ideas for the season, etc. Having this array of board topics is where the magic and payoff happen at step 4.

  3. Social Media Scheduler- Use a social media scheduler like Tailwind. At the end of every week, I schedule the upcoming 7 days worth of content and “lock” our posts on a specific day and time. I “lock” the DB5 content  because I want to ensure that 1-3 graphics a day are DB5. When I am scheduling other blogger’s content that has been share via Facebook groups (see key 4), I may come across similar topics and don’t want there to be a cluster of let’s say “Optimizing SEO” blogs. I will then shuffle my schedule to diversify the content better, moving everything but the DB5 content. Ideally it would be great to able to fill your Tailwind schedule with ONLY your content, but when trying to gain followers and increase visibility, sharing others content will help boost this and get people to your page, even if it’s not because of your content directly.

  4. Facebook Groups and Tailwind Tribes- Facebook groups, especially those that cater to your niche, are a great way to drive people to your newly created Pins and content. Follow the rules of each group and share your posts only on the days they ask and take the time to promote other blogger’s content. Many Facebook groups also have Tribes within Tailwind where you can share your posts and promote other’s Pins with a simple click of “schedule.”

Pinterest is truly an artform and I love how each day, I am gaining more knowledge and honing my skill.  Having 2 months worth of data, I now can focus on optimal times to post, create MORE of the content that is getting the most traction, and reshare the content already created in ways that will get it more visibility. Be on the lookout for more posts about Pinterest because I will be to share anymore tips and I continue to tackle this side of our business! I would love to know what are some of the keys to success you have had on Pinterest. What about using Tailwind? Please share!

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