Done By 5: An Inside Look- Music that Inspires and Motivates Us

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Done By 5: An Inside Look- Music that Inspires and Motivates Us. Virtual Assistants for Small Business Owners. San Francisco Bay Area.

Have you ever noticed how much music is present in our daily lives? Music sets a tone and helps create a very specific environment which is why stores and offices will play curated playlists to encourage focus or to sell a product or experience. Music is a beautiful and powerful tool that stimulates brain activity and can trigger certain emotional response and memories, and encourage great creativity!  

At Done By 5, we love using music as a tool to help spark our creativity as we sit and tackle our task lists. It is also a fun way for us to interact and connect with one another since we work remotely, we’ll send each other songs that make us laugh or smile and we want to share that happiness with one another.

For this week’s blog, we thought we would each share what music we love to listen to while we work and why.

Music that Inspires and Motivates Us

Done By 5. Molly. Virtual Assistants for Small Business Owners. San Francisco Bay Area

“It depends so much on what I’m working on. I love Spotify’s mixes but I also really enjoy listening to full albums. If I need to write I’ll usually listen to classical music. If I’m designing graphics or working on a website, often I’ll choose an artists that matches the mood or the look of what I’m creating - something cool, or edgy, or calm. Sometimes my music choices are influenced by what I’m working on in the dance studio too. For example, I just finished a run of an opera so I’ve been listening to Verdi’s Aida on repeat and completely geeking out on it (read belting along at the top of my lungs).”

Some of the artists/albums Molly has been listening to these days:

  1. Janelle Monae - “Dirty Computer” and “The Electric Lady

  2. Robert Glasper Experiment

  3. Laura Mvula (literally anything she creates)

  4. Tallest Man on Earth

  5. Verdi - “Aida”

Done By 5. Michelle. Blog. Virtual Assistants for Small Business Owners. San Francisco Bay Area.

“I tend to have a few go to choices for music while I’m working, most of it is fairly mellow. I like to listen to jazz, it keeps me entertained yet helps me focus at the same time. Every now and again I’ll listen to some classic rock while I’m working, but that is usually for my off work mode. My go to music platform is Spotify…. I like how they end up curating some lists for me to listen too as well after trying out a few different stations. Work aside I have been feeling lol 'nostalgic' and listening to a lot of 90’s rock and pop.”

Michelle’s favorite Spotify Playlists at the moment:

  1. State of Jazz

  2. Coffee Table Jazz

  3. Peaceful Piano


Done By 5. Samantha. Virtual Assistants for Small Business. San Francisco Bay Area.

“I would have to say I have a very diverse music selection choice and it really depends on my mood and what I am trying to accomplish. When I have to be ‘inspired’ and really need to get my brain neurons firing I turn to classical, either some Yo Yo Ma or  Baroque classical music. Yo Yo Ma’s playing is just so emotionally beautiful, making you feel in complex levels. There is just something about Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel that put be in my happy, creative mode. If I am working outside I often find myself listen to Hawaiian music or 80’s soft rock. The sunshine, the breeze and the Hawaiian songs whisk me away back to Oahu and my aloha family, reminding me of happiness relaxing! The 80’s rock evokes that same happy feeling of nostalgia but with a bit more motivations. And finally when I need a bit of a distraction from my own brain I turn to my teenage years and listen to boy bands and pop!  Those lyrics have been so ingrained into my memory… I can auto sing them and get work done!”

Here are two of Samantha’s Playlists

  1. Classical

  2. Hawaiian

We hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about us! Now we want to know, what is your go to work music? What inspires your creativity, drives you to push through the tasks, or simply helps pass the time during the work day? Please share!

Done By 5 Blog. Cheers! Virtual Assistants for Small Business Owners. San Francisco Bay Area.

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