Done By 5 Opinion: Thoughts on Google Duplex

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Done By 5 Opinion: Thoughts on Google Duplex, Blog. What do you think? Done By 5 Virtual Assistants for Small Businesses. San Francisco Bay Area. 

Let’s Talk About the Future

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Done By 5 loves technology! How can we not, we are a company based in the heart of the tech industry, the San Francisco Bay Area? And as virtual assistants we are always interested in what is new and innovative, looking for things that can make managing and running a small business easier.

So, let’s talk about Google Duplex. If you aren’t familiar, in a nutshell it is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is at the forefront of tech innovation and can be a very useful tool for everyone, but of course it isn’t without its drawbacks... (We know the first thing that comes to your mind are the Terminator movies and many philosophers have spent plenty of time stewing over ethics and what not concerning AI, we won’t go there.) What we want to know is what you think about this new piece of tech. How could it change things for you and your small business? What are some Pro’s and Con’s?

Here are the Done By 5 team members view on Google Duplex

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“I, like so many of my clients, would love nothing more than to do something else with our time then spend it on the phone. The phone takes us away from the aspects of our biz that we love doing, even more so when we have to wait F-O-R-E-V-E-R (or at least it seems that way) on hold. So I can see having a tool that can help with this as awesome! I am excited to see how Google applies this to the business aspect of their platforms because I can see it as a great tool for business growth, but also understand that there can be a negative aspect as well. It will be interesting to see where this innovative tech and how it molds us as a society (whether it is good or bad).”

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 “I think this is fascinating! It is incredible to think that people are able, through code, to capture the subtle nuances of what it means to be, well human. If we can do this, it opens up so many other possibilities. I love the idea of not having to spend time handle things like calling to make an appointment or deal with monotonous everyday things. But it also makes me think that maybe those annoying robocalls we all get are going to get even harder to identify as fake!”

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“I think the technology of this AI is incredible. The range and nuance of the interactions and its ability to pick up on context clues and tone of voice is fascinating. My only hold up, I hope the team behind it’s development and marketing really dives into all of the consequences (both positive and negative) of this technology. It has the potential to be an incredible tool and my hope is that it doesn’t get stuck in cool toy land or get exploited and misused.”

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