You Did It! Treating Yourself After Tax Day

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Hopefully you did your taxes weeks ago and you have been sitting back, enjoying your weekends, taking in the turn of the seasons, and setting bigger and better goals for the coming year. But if you’re like me, you saved them for the last minute and instead of being cool, calm, and collected, you vigorously punched numbers into a calculator, filled out spreadsheets, and probably swore under your breath a few times too, maybe there was a tear. Either way, YOU’RE DONE! You’ve made it through yet another tax season and your free as a bird for the next year or 10ish months (try doing them earlier next time). But wait! At Done By 5 we say you have one more thing to do…

...Reward Yourself! The completion of your taxes marks, not only your freedom from your desk and calculator, but also another year as a successful business with many great accomplishments, and time to plan even more exciting endeavors. So you deserve some celebration. For this DB5/DN5 we’re giving you five of our favorite ways to celebrate, big and small.

Pearl and Rashad (Michelle's hubby) heading out on a spring adventure! 

Pearl and Rashad (Michelle's hubby) heading out on a spring adventure! 

  1. Get a manicure or pedicure - and rock that bright spring color!

  2. You, a bubble bath, some wine or a fancy cocktail (or a mocktail), and a fancy candle.

  3. Now it’s really spring! Enjoy the outdoors! Pack a picnic or go somewhere fun with your pets!

  4. Put that tax return to good use and buy yourself those shoes or outfit you’ve been eyeing.

  5. Take yourself out on a date (or bring someone along)

  6. Bonus! Ok so this is less a reward, but once you’ve done one of the above, sign up for an app like quickbooks self-employed that tracks your income and expenses. If you are a freelancer/contractor or work for yourself tools like this will make taxes *almost* easy. After all the more prepared you are for next year’s taxes the more time you can spend in that bubble bath.

Do you have a favorite “taxes done” reward?