Jumping into Spring: Tips on how to Focus Your Springtime Energy into Your Small Business

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Jumping into Spring: Tips on how to Focus Your Springtime Energy into Your Small Business

We don’t know about where you live, but spring has finally sprung in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it is great! Everything is waking up from plants bursting into colorful bloom, to birds chirping with spring fever! Even the warmth of the sun and that much needed vitamin D seems to be recharging us with the motivation to be active and to create. It is the perfect time to capitalize on that energy and get everything done that you may have put off during winter.

The question is where to start! The Done By 5 team has put together a list of things that would be great to work on and some ideas on how to get them done with the surge of springtime motivation. So let’s makes checks on your to-do list and go out to enjoy that sunshine!

Small Business Areas to Focus On

Taxes- If you don’t have your taxes done yet, GET ON IT! Without a doubt a vast majority of all people put taxes off until the last minute. Time is up, so grab your receipts, calculator and all your other tax info, sit down and just push through it. To get the most out of the nice weather try working outside or at the very least work in a room with large windows where a flood of natural light and much needed fresh air can help make the work “pleasant”. To keep you focused and fueled have snacks and drinks readily available. And most importantly know your reward for crossing this one off the list. You deserve it.

For more tips check out our blog on How to Be Prepared for Tax Season.

Spring Clean- As a kid it is hard to understand why adults are all about spring cleaning, but now as adult (and with taxes crossed off your list) the chill in your bones is gone and you’re ready for a refresh. It’s easy to be motivated to finally get up and get things done. Here are a few places to focus that energy.


Your brick and mortar store- If you have a store front, then freshen it up! A new coat of paint, window decals and some plants will make it fun and inviting. People are going to be enjoying the weather and getting out and about, attract them to your store.

Workspace- Take the time to clean and organize your workspace. File away that mountain of paperwork and make your work space ideal for the warm months ahead. Add some indoor plants, bringing the outside in, giving your space a bit of life and natural air filter.

For More Tips on How to Organize Your Work Space and Your Day to Day, check out our 2 part blog from the beginning of the year.

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Email box- Email boxes can be overwhelming, especially if you’re juggling multiple email addresses. Set up filters, tags, and folders so that everything has a place and the important stuff is making it you. And while you’re at it... Unsubscribe...From everything! Okay, not everything but clearing out unnecessary junk will save you time and energy!

Tip: Use a service like unroll me to bulk unsubscribe and you can have them send you ONE newsletter style email from sites you don’t want to delete freeing you from clutter in your inbox.


Marketing Strategies- Spring is a great time to up excitement about your business and products. Have a spring strategy meeting with your team in a beautiful outdoor setting or a local restaurant with a patio for a lunch brainstorm session. Your clients/customers have needs and wants depending on the season, so the services and products you offer could anticipate those needs. A few spring needs: allergy season, landscaping/gardening, outdoor activities, and planning for summer break and vacation.

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Also be current with that is “trending” not only on social media but in your store. Your team will have great insight on what your customers are loving, want more of, and what items would be great at the center of a promotion.

"I believe in process. I believe in four seasons. I believe that winter's tough, but spring's coming. I believe that there's a growing season. And I think that you realize that in life, you grow. You get better." -Steve Southerland

So go, utilize that energy into your small business and find fun ways to get you and your team to enjoy the sunshine while moving your business forward.

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What sort of tasks have you been putting off the winter months that you know want to tackle since it is getting warmer? Do you have a spring refresh checklist? Please Share.