Done By 5 2018 Goal Check In

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Done By 5 2018 Goal Check-In

It is hard to believe, but the first quarter of the year is nearly done, geeze is the time just flying by?! The first quarter is naturally busy for the small business owner. January 1st officially marks the beginning of tax season so between W-2’s & 1099’s going out and meetings with CPAs and bookkeepers, there’s a lot to do. But factor in a crazy flu season and a winter that doesn’t seem to want to quit this year (though us Californians should never complain about the rain, we always need it!) it definitely can be a trying time for any business owner.

That being said, the first part of the year is the time to set yourself up for a successful year.  It’s a good time to start creating better habits and to continuously check in on your goals for the year to come. So, although the first quarter of the year has been busy as ever here at Done By 5, our team has not forgotten the goals that we set in January and we’re checking back in on our progress here.  (You can read our original post Goals for the New Year here!)

1st Quarter Goal Check-In

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We had two goals set out for Done By 5: to grow even more and to connect with our audience more! Though we have not signed on any new clients, the work that we do for existing clients is growing. Long time clients are learning more about our growing skill sets and jumping on the opportunity to see what else we have to offer to them, lessening their workload! Our newer clients have been part of our business family for almost 6 months now and those apprehensions of releasing some of those unwanted business responsibilities is becoming easier as the client/ assistant relationship is building. It has been great learning about their business and fine tuning how we work them as we are starting to approach their busy season.

As far as connecting with our audience more, this goal is still in the works. We have used the past quarter to brainstorm the direction of our blog, its’ content, and consistently get new blogs out there. We have also spent some time researching various ways to get new graphics, content, and ideas out on our social media so you can get a better perspective of who we are, the type of work we do, and how our work, whether you are a client or a loyal follower, can benefit and help you focus on your passions and expertise. Tackling social media effectively is a monumental undertaking and definitely takes some time to come up with a plan and an easy way to execute it, especially if you are a small business, but we are excited and confident that once we get the hang of it it will just naturally be part of daily routine and become second nature. Be on the lookout for future blog posts on how we dove into the world of social media and conquered it!

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Personal goal: Take time for myself... I wish I could say I’ve been nailing this one. So far this year I’ve been getting better but there’s a long way to go. I’m more aware of how I’m spending my time and feel less guilty when I do take a few hours or a day to recuperate. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to settle down and I still find myself working way too late in the evening. But what I have noticed is that when I do take breaks to recharge not only do I feel calmer and healthier, but my work is better quality and I work more efficiently, so there’s something to be said for that.

Professional goal: Have more confidence in myself, start something before I feel 150% ready… out of necessity this one’s been going well. Almost everyday we’re greeted with a new challenge in this line of work and every time I do something new I’m reminded that as a DB5 team (that includes myself), we are capable and quick learners who are ready to tackle anything.

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Personal goals- This quarter has definitely tested my ability to live by my quote of inspiration, for my goal...“You can’t take of someone else, unless you take care of yourself first.” About mid January I was hit hard by the flu, leaving me pretty much useless to myself, my clients and my team for nearly 2 weeks. That meant the end of January was exceptionally crazy getting 1099's out in time, but I did it! Having the flu wasn’t totally disastrous. First, it showed me how awesome MY team is and how Done By 5 is truly unique a virtual assistant company because we are a team and work as a team. It was also a great learning opportunity for us to brainstorm and devise a plan on how we want to tackle client work in the face of illness, vacation time, or emergencies. Though some of our clients rely heavily on just one team member at a time, naturally because of location or availability, we realize how important it is to have our SOP’s and the knowledge we have each gained for those clients neatly typed up so if something does happen, the utilization of other another member of the team is as smooth as possible.

The other way I am taking care of myself is by exercising more. I am adding this into my daily routine and trying to hold myself accountable even though it has been a long day and I still have more work that I could be doing or trying to get ahead on. I have to remember my health is important not only for myself but also for my clients, family, and friends. LOL I think birthday cards are on my goals list too for 2018… I think I have been doing a pretty good job thus far…. (secret…. I have Samantha make sure to remind me and even help me get together the cards so that they get out on time). See - Even the assistant needs an assistant to keep things moving forward and keep my peeps happy :-)

Professional Goals- Read more books- HA! Luckily I have 3 more quarters to accomplish this one! I’m sure as this late, wet winter finally turns into spring, I will find myself outside more and more to enjoy the sunshine and turn to reading as a way to soak up some vitamin D. Sounds like a nice Saturday afternoon a book and a cocktail! I am sure that once I find the right book, it will be impossible to keep it out of my hands. Lucky for me, Samantha (see there again, having an assistant is great... hint hint) has put together a list of books that she thinks would be interesting to me, here are my top 3 on my to read list: In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, The Passive Income Playbook, and Crushing It!! Do you have any recommendations?

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Personal goals- The first part of my goal is still a work in progress… I am working on my goal to be more confident in my own skin. I can’t wait for it to warm up and take my kids to park and allow them to get their energy out while I walk laps or even utilize all the awesome open space in the area. As far as embracing my more creative and artsy side? That has been a bit easy, I have been working on a fun cross-stitch and a Van Gogh paint by number in the evenings and weekends. Taking that time and doing something I enjoy and is for myself is great for me physically and emotionally. As for photography, first I have the new iPhone X so I can’t wait to dive in using all its features for on the go photography, I even got a pack of phone camera lenses so I can play around with all those fun features, and have a fast way to potential take awesome photos when I find myself in the right place at the right time. As far as getting out my Sony a-6300, this drab weather we have been having in the Bay Area hasn’t motivated me to just go out and play with it, but I did get an opportunity to take work as a photographer!

Professional Goal- I have been jumping into producing the Done By 5 brand images where I can. A couple of our blogs and social media posts have had original photos. This past quarter has really been all about getting the equipment to set up the ideal space and props that work for the DB5 brand, holidays and/or content we are trying to produce. BUT I did get the opportunity to work with one of our clients and spend an hour photographing a class she taught. It was great to be in the field, tackling real issues like sun flares,  but still getting some awesome, fun and unique shots.

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It may seem overwhelming or defeating to set personal goals for the new year and not be there yet. But that is why there are goals for the year, not the month or the quarter. And though as a team or as individual we may have not “accomplished” our goals yet, we are holding ourselves and each other accountable to ultimately achieve these goals. We know where we want to be and with everything we have set in place over the last quarter, achieving our goals for this year is becoming more and more of a reality. It is important to remember, as a small business owner, that goals and new habits don’t happen overnight. They take planning and time to become a habit in your personal life and business. Aristotle may have said it best, “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

How are you doing with your goals? Are there any topics we can cover that can help you accomplish those goals easier? Please share, we want to cater this blog to what you and your small business need help in!

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