Tackling The Social Media Beast

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Our role at Done By 5 as virtual assistants is to make the lives of small business owners easier. That translates to creating high quality work in a efficient and timely manner and providing continuous support as our clients’ businesses grow and thrive.

A huge part of keeping a business prominent and relevant in today’s small business world is developing a strong social media presence. It is also a big time commitment and takes substantial creative energy to keep content engaging, original, on brand, and continuous. It can be overwhelming an is one of the projects that is most often delegated to us from our clients. We’ve spent a lot of time honing in on how best to build a social media profile and presence that runs true to each particular brand, sustaining an image that plays into the success of our clients’ online presence and ultimately the reach of each brand in the real world as well.

Here we’re providing some of our best tips and resources for simplifying social media. So if you have ever found yourself staring blankly at an empty Instagram page or wondering what to schedule next, read on.

Our first tip, and really, you should already have this done for your business, is to put together a branding profile. This means that you have already decided the color scheme, fonts, and overall “look” of your brand. This helps build a cohesive image as you post on any social media platform and that image will carry over into the rest of your branding.

This is Done By 5’s brand board with our colors, textures, fonts, and inspiration

This is Done By 5’s brand board with our colors, textures, fonts, and inspiration


Our second tip is to plan ahead. Creating new content takes time and focus that is easier done in week or month chunks. That way you are not distracted from your other daily tasks and projects and you also don’t run the risk of social media falling by the wayside as the week progresses. There are so many scheduling apps that allow you to create, save, and schedule content ahead of time. They let you plan ahead and then forget about it and also offer analytics and suggestions so that you can continue to improve your presence.

Last, but certainly not least, getting inspired to create new content can be exhausting. To help you out, we've put together a week's worth of social media posts tailored to the beauty of the personal interactions that small business allows. The posts balance photos. videos, and eye catching graphics with engagement that all come together to support your brand while being fun, personable, and unique. It's a formula that you can repeat on rotation or use as inspiration to springboard you to even more creative content. We hope you like it!