5 Ways To Show your Clients Love and Appreciation

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Done By 5. DB5. Virtual Assistants San Francisco Bay Area. Small Business Blog: 5 ways to show your clients love and appreaciation

It’s already February and love is in the air. But whether Valentine’s day is approaching or not, it’s nice to let someone know how much you appreciate them. Gratitude is always noted but beyond being a genuinely sweet sentiment, it’s also a great marketing opportunity to stay at the top of clients minds and even possibly generate more referrals. A thank you note or small gift can go a long way.

We've put together some simple gift ideas to get you started. They leave room for customization so get creative! And don’t forget! With marketing in mind, small gifts are a perfect opportunity for killer branding. Cards, gift tags, thank you notes, email headers or sign offs, and beyond should all include your logo and match the aesthetic of your brand. Anything that you can personalize should be. Consistency is key and your branding knows no bounds! With that, here is our list of when sharing the love is most received and our favorite gifts and gestures. 

Birthdays… even just a little hello in card form can brighten someone’s special day. Of course we understand that it can be hard to track birthdays for your close relatives and friends let alone all of your clients. Platforms like postable can schedule birthdays ahead of time and even send a card schedules months ahead of time. You've put in the time to think of that person and that will show for something.

Send a personal note… Did someone just send you a great referral? Or complete a huge project? Send a thank you note or a congratulations card. Perhaps you just want to remind a client of the things you love most about their business, or you found an article that is pertinent to their work. Sending a message or handwritten card is a wonderful way to let someone know you are thinking of them, You can keep a simple set of cards (like these!) on hand or create branded cards or a special email template for small notes.

Give a small gift for a holiday… Valentine’s day is approaching and of course a perfect way to spread the love just a little extra. You can send a coupon for a favorite treat or a gift certificate to another small business you frequent and think someone might like. Or keep it a classic V-day with a box of conversation hearts or chocolates. The point here isn’t a grand gesture or big gift, but rather a fun and sweet reminder of how special a client or colleague is to you.

Done By 5. DB5. Virtual Assistants San Francisco Bay Area. Small Business Blog: 5 ways to show your clients love and appreciation. 

This year for Valentine’s Day, the DB5 team put together something simple and sweet to show our clients a little of love.

Broadcast your love online… If someone’s work strikes you as particularly special shout out your appreciation on social media or a blog highlight about their work (with their permission of course). If they are up for it, you can also invite them to create a guest post which shows how much you respect and trust their work and thoughts.

Go the extra mile... when you can...be the superhero!! Finally make that connection between two people who you’ve been meaning to introduce. Or if someone really stands out or fits in, bring them into your networking circle. Know someone who is looking for a mentor in your field? Invite them to coffee and take the time to get to know them. You can't be there for everyone all the time so inviting them into your circle and taking time is a huge gift. For someone who has earned it though, it can be a much needed confidence boost and possibly a launch into the next stage of their career. 

At Done By 5 we love spreading the love. Making sure people feel cared for is our job and we take pride in it. We want small business owners to feel appreciated and supported so we show our love most of all by offering our services. If you're feeling overwhelmed, let us help you by taking some work off of your back so you have more time and energy to spread the love to your people. Visit our packages page for small bundles of time (perhaps a few hours to set up postable, or social media work to shout your love from the virtual rooftops) or schedule a free consultation with Michelle. 

How do you show your appreciation for clients and colleagues? 

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