Done By 5, Done In 5: Goals for the New Year

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Done By 5 Goals for the New Year

2017 has been an amazing year for Done By 5, its’ team members, and clients. It has been a year of growth and change but most importantly, it has been extremely rewarding. First, we rebranded and built this new beautiful website and expanded our reach through our blog and social media, utilizing the skills we already do for our clients into our own business.

We have grown as well! Two new clients have become part of the DB5 family in the last quarter. We want to say welcome to Arthur Brito with Arborealis and Nadja Pentic with Knocknock. Both are local San Francisco Bay Area small businesses that specialize in design, one focusing on landscape architecture and the other on Italian minimalist kitchens, respectively.  It has been amazing getting to know them and the needs of their business over the last several months. As we jump into the new year, we are excited to see how DB5 can help their business grow into an even bigger success than they already are.

We have also hired a new team member, Samantha, who has brought great perspective and insight to the team. And though new to being a virtual assistant, she has learned quickly and essentially has become the Done By 5 virtual assistant (Every small business needs one, even a small business of virtual assistants!). She has implemented new ideas and areas of business expansion that Michelle hasn’t had the extra time to focus on herself. We are excited to see even more of our ideas come to fruition this year with her help and motivation.

Done By 5 has also grown for their existing clients. As the team and the business have grown, new services have been offered that our clients are loving! It is great because as we  tackle new ideas and projects, we are able to refine them and offer them as services to our clients, taking on even more of the tasks that usually pull them away from the things that the love most.

With all the changes that have happened in 2017, here at Done By 5, we are excited to see what comes in 2018. We are brainstorming over our goals, how we want to tackle our content, and how we can help our clients’ businesses grow. We have come up with two goals for Done by 5 that we want to share with you. As the year progresses we will blog how we plan implement these goals and their progress. We are excited to share this journey with you, and hopefully as we learn, you will too!

Each team member also wants to share what goals they have set for themselves, not only personally but professionally. As you read you will notice that when you own or are part of a small business, your personal goals play an integral part into that business, because as you find happiness and balance in your life, that will translate over into your professional life as well. Do you find this to be true?

Done By 5/Done In 5

5 Goals for the New Year

Done By 5 Michelle Berkley. DB5. Virtual Assistants. San Francisco Bay Area. 

Grow even more! We are ready for new clients and would love to expand our team and gain even more small businesses that utilize our services. We are brainstorming, looking at the services we already offer and how we can make them better and expand them to fit areas and niches that our clients need the most help in. How about you, what areas are you looking for help or struggling with in your small business?

For our Bay Area clients we are considering offering packages that include in-person personal assistant time in conjunction with business virtual assistant hours. Soon we will need some feedback from you to get a better idea just how this service will be a benefit  and any portiental areas of concern. We are excited to see if this idea can become a reality and will keep you posted about our progress.

Done By 5 Michelle Berkley. DB5. Virtual Assistants. San Francisco Bay Area. 

Connect more with our audience! Done By 5 wants to continue to expand our reach, connecting and interacting more with YOU and our clients. We are going to start by asking more questions, getting you to help us identify the areas you need the most help in. To jump this off, on Friday, January 12th we are going to host an “Ask the VA” session on our Facebook page. Stop by and ask a question about an area you need help in concerning your small business. This will help us taylor our content to benefit you the most.

In the first quarter, we are also looking at launching the Done By 5 facebook group. Our goal is to connect small businesses and their services with one another. Within that online community, people will be able ask for advice, weather it is a question pertaining to their small business or maybe they are in need of services offered by another.

Done By 5 Samantha Okazaki. DB5. Virtual Assistants. San Francisco Bay Area. 

My personal goal… there are two. First is to be confident in my own skin. This has been the thorn in my side for as long as I can remember, but this is the year I am ready to set my goal and just do it. I have an awesome/caring/supportive circle and I know that this is the year! Second, pursue my art more. This past year I have learned that I love photography and I am a pretty amazing artist. I need to actively make this part of my life and nurture my talent.  

My professional goal… which this ties into my personal… I would love to create the personal branding images for Done By 5 and any clients that would love that as part of our services. In the work I have done for Done By 5 in the last couple of months, I have learned about branding and the quest for brand specific images. Sites like Adobe Stock and Getty Images offer beautiful images, but they come at a price. Free image sites like: Unsplash, Pixel, and Picnoi have great images and often are more “outside” the box making it easier to find something more on brand, BUT some users have found themselves receiving bills because of unscrupulous practices of the photographers offering their images to multiple sites (some of which are paid). I would love to avoid this headache and just create our own images with our own copyright. Not to mention how hard it is to find the perfect brand images, especially when it comes to the holidays, themes, or blog ideas. It would be much easier and faster if I just created them myself!

Done By 5 Michelle Berkley. DB5. Virtual Assistants. San Francisco Bay Area. 

My personal goals… Ok,  I have 2 biggies this year! First, ages ago I attended a Lisa Nichols Retreat (she was in the movie The Secret and is also an amazing motivational speaker) with my client. Lisa’s assistant, Margaret, told me, “You can’t take care of someone else, unless you take care of yourself first”. That has really resonated with me ever since! So, in 2018 I will give my mind, body, and soul the attention it deserves. By doing this I can be my best self not just for me, BUT for my family, friends, and my clients.. Second, this is a huge confession, but I am the absolute worst at getting birthday cards and gifts together ahead of time for my friends, close and extended family, lol and (cringe) my wonderful clients, even my husband (I know, FAIL). This year, I resolve, will be different! I am going to make it a priority to pay better attention to those details. I value everyone in my life and though I know they all already know that, I want to show them just how important they are to me.

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Professional- Read more books! I read blogs and mini articles daily, but there are so many great authors and books out there that really dive into the nitty, gritty. I want to be able to learn from these brilliant minds and take that knowledge and utilize it not only for my own business but for my clients as well.

Done By 5 Molly Levy. DB5. Virtual Assistants. San Francisco Bay Area. 

My Personal goal… Take time for myself! Last year was all about doing everything possible and more all at once. I had just moved to a new city so personally and professionally I needed to be everywhere all the time. Plus, I generally am at my happiest when I have 2 too many things to do. But in 2017 there were times that I bit off more than I could chew and had about 10 too many things to do and no one in my personal or professional life benefited from that. So I’m resolving in 2018 to spend more time with myself, not distracted with Instagram or games, but to really take time to check in with myself before I get overwhelmed. Whether that is writing, drawing, reading, or taking a walk. If I have the time to reflect and think I can be calmer and more present in my own life, and I can be calm and present for friends and family. The hustle is only worth it if I can appreciate the life I have and the people in it and have the time to reflect and adjust what no longer works.

My professional goal for  this coming year is to stop waiting to feel absolutely ready or for the perfect moment to start a project or make a big change. So much of this job is learning as you go. I know from the past that I can trust my instincts, but sometimes when a project is intimidating telling yourself you’re not ready or good enough is the worst type of procrastination. 2018 is going to be all about diving into the scary stuff.  

We are excited to see what this year has to offer and going to make this the most successful year for Done By 5 yet!

Done By 5. DB5. Virtual Assistants. San Francisco Bay Area. Cheers and Happy New Year

What are your goals for the new year. Please share below.

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