5 Tools Done By 5 Virtual Assistants are Most Thankful For

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5 Tools Done By 5 Virtual Assistants are Most Thankful For

Done By 5 is a small business itself, with each of the virtual assistants running their own small business with personal lives that sometimes distract from our daily routine into daily routine. Some days may be light and relaxing, working on a project that is due weeks ahead of time or researching and finding new tools and resources that may be helpful for us and our clients. Other days may be a whirlwind. We might find ourselves juggling clients needs along with the needs of our loved ones. Either scenario, no matter what field you are in, is the reality of your professional and personal life. But as any owner of a small business knows, having a great team, the proper resources, and helpful tools by your side makes those those easier days fly by and those tough days seem not so rough.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Done By 5 team has come up with 5 tools that we are most thankful for. These are the tools that not only make our lives easier as virtual assistants but are vital to our success as a small business.


Michelle is most thankful for… My iPhone! “(I cringe inside when I say that...I think we all do a little when we realize how much we depend on our tech). I am on the go most of the time so my handy iPhone conducts A LOT of business. From checking email, sending documents, texting my clients and my team, posting and scheduling social media (lol you get the point…) I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I do without it and I wouldn’t be nearly as accessible either.”


Molly is most thankful for… My planner! “Everything I do as a virtual assistant is, well, virtual. Which is great! It allows me to work from wherever and still collaborate with the rest of the DB5 team and our clients. But when it comes to organizing my own days and weeks I write down everything in my planner. I’m visual and kinesthetic so writing down notes and to-do lists anchors everything in my brain.  I track goals, check off tasks, timeline projects, schedule appointments, everything goes in that little notebook. Plus there’s nothing more satisfying than physically crossing off a task when it’s done.”


Samantha is most thankful for…. Tiny Scanner! “I was first introduced to this app when I went back to college. I was an official note taker in one of my art history lectures. A requirement was to send a scanned, pdf version to the college by 4pm after every lecture. I was on a tight schedule and needed something quick. This app is perfect! You take photos of your document and it converts them to a pdf that can be shared via e-mail, dropbox, even google drive. This is great for any written notes or documents that need to be signed quickly and e-mailed back. I have since used it to copy my grandmother’s favorite recipes, receipts, and notes Michelle has needed.  I love it because it is quick, easy, and is right on my smartphone.”


Done By 5 is thankful for… Teamwork. This project managment platform is the backbone of how we communicate. We can set up tasks to be completed, share notes, deadlines, etc. It streamlines our projects with specific subtasks, and we can add notes or questions all in the same place so nothing gets lost or forgotten in email or text messages. We also all work on different schedules, so it is great to be able to assign tasks to one another and when the other sits down to work, all their work is waiting for them.

Done By 5 is also thankful for each other. This is not a tool that you can just go out and buy or download. What makes Done By 5 so successful is the fact that we are a team that relies on one another. We brainstorm together, we share work, we edit each other's work, and we respect one another.

“Without a good team (regardless of what business you are in) it can be difficult to get things done. Let's take this blog post for example… as I am writing my piece I have a note from my team member there to tell me to get it done!” - Michelle

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Having a great team is the most important tool your small business can have. They are the ones that help foster your business, push you a little harder when things get tough, and cheer the loudest when you have success.

If you would love to have Done By 5 as part of your team, or would like to know how we can play into the success of your small business please schedule a chat with our CEO Michelle.

What other tools play an integral part in the success of your small business or you just can’t live without? We would love to know, so please share in the comment section!

And of course, Done By 5 would love to wish all of our readers a Happy Thanksgiving! We're most thankful for you.